Simplyphi provides innovative solutions in the areas of Big Data, Search, Text Analytics, Recommendation and Personalization Technologies.


We specialize in developing search applications customized to peculiar needs. These solutions help our client to deploy powerful, highly available and large scale search functionality that is useful in discovering information from huge data sets. We use powerful tools like Apache SOLR, Lucene, Nutch, Elastic Search.

Text Analytics

Growing size and use of text data calls for latest cutting edge technologies to analyse and process this unstructured content. We provide solutions that enable you to derive value form the unstructured data. The tools we use are Apache Mahout, Open NLP, NLTK.

Big Data

We provides software solutions for exploiting the potential of derived intelligence from huge data, both structured and unstructured. Our solutions are built on top of high quality open source software from Apache Foundation with friendly commercial licencing and includes Hadoop, Hbase, Cassandara, Mahout

Recommendation and Personalization

Our solutions help your application to detect and use the trends from both collective and individual users and deliver better value to the end user by taking off the burden of information overload. This is helpful in content/item discovery and deliver personalized resulsts to users. The tools used are Apache Mahout, SOLR